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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

11 year old boy speaks on the "N" word... AMAZING!

I am so floored by the energy, vocabulary, and knowledge of this little boy. May God continue to bless him. The "N" word has been so embraced by communities as a form of friendship that I often hear the debate on whether or not it is acceptable because it is used with "a" and not "er". I will admit even as a Latina I have said it in my younger years thinking it was ok because I said it with the "a" as in my homies, my friends and so on. As I got older and began to hear various opnions on the use of the word, that's when something in me felt like I shouldn't say it because I am not black and I don't want to offend anyone. But there are also some African Americans that feel Puerto Ricans can say it because we are all minorities. I have heard both sides. And typing this right now makes me want to put up a poll so make sure you answer the poll question at the top righthand corner. I am interested in knowing what you think. Click play below to hear this amazing little boy speak!

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