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Monday, June 29, 2009

Bernard Madoff gets 150 years

Yup Judge Denny Chin of U.S. District Court in NY announced the sentence a few minutes after Madoff apologized to his victims. The judge discribed Madoff's crime as "extraordinarily evil". Like what the hell type of selfishness was he on??? Unbelievably fawl. Madoff put together a scam by perpetrating his investment firm as a legitimate business. Then stealing money people thought they were investing. Who does this??? Who... Madoff and he was doing this since at least the 1980's up until December of 2008 when he ran out of money. With $170 billion worth of legal judgement against him on friday the government seized all his property in the deal and also forces his wife to give up property and homes worth millions. Ooohhhh! He lucky he going to jail. His wife must be beyond livid not to mention ashamed. SMH. So now he will spend the remainder of his life in jail. Madoff is quoted "I apologize to my victims. I will turn and face you." then looking at the victims in the courtroom directly he offered, "I am sorry. I know it will not help you."
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