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Monday, June 29, 2009

BET Awards 2009

I just wanted to post some pictures and footage of the BET Awards 2009. I was really looking forward to this show like so many. Hype over what would be done in rememberance to Michael Jackson. I did think the show as a whole was pretty good. However, I was expecting more as far as the "Michael Jackson Tribute". Then I stopped and said, well they did only have 2 days to switch up the show. I am hoping they do another show solely for Michael and this time do it with a bit more class. We are celebrating an ICON and I would love to see it be done better and hopefully before the MTV Awards because MTV will pull out all stops. I was shocked to see Janet! I guess they wanted someone to say something but I would have understood if no one did because Michael's death just happened. They aren't ready.... well maybe Joe Jackson is... I honestly don't see why he was sitting in the audience the entire show and even on the red carpet??? Shouldn't he be in mourning with the rest of the family. Strange. And just a thought but where was Usher???
Some highlights for me were Jamie Fox, Neyo and Fab, Keysha Cole and Monica, Mary Mary, Beyonce, BBD, Maxwell and when Trey Songs, Johnny Gill, and Tyrese sang. Trey Songs had a much more mature sound, nice. Johnny Gill sounded good and well... Tyrese... Mmm Mmm.... he is just him! Lol... I've always loved his voice. Oh and I was dying! when Tyrese and Taraji were acting out Yvette and Jody! Ahahahahaha! They were too good. And Taraji looked GREAT! Loved her hair.
The best acceptance speach of the night hands down goes to Alicia Keys! Wow she is awesome and simply inspires me when she speaks. Her use of words and the way she puts her thoughts together into speach is very impressive to me. Go Alicia! And seriously, her and Beyonce have legs to DIE for! I need to step my game up from the exercise bike to something more intense SMH/LOL.

Of all the tributes to Michael Jackson this one was my favorite. It had to feel great to Neyo to be singing this and he did it so well. Thank you Neyo.

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