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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beyonce Premiere of EGO featuring Kanye West

I watched BET Access Granted and premiere on EGO last night and it was really good. Beyonce went through the different hits on her album and the concept of each video before showing the EGO video. Anyone that knows me knows I absolutely LOVE her song Halo. My favorite of hers right now. One thing she said about Halo was as soon as it starts you automatically think of that person you love. And you really do! Beyonce called the song "angelic". The words are very deep and it just touches me. I personally am not in love at the moment but when I hear it I think of that imaginary man I would be in love with. (lol) But anyway, back to EGO! Check out the link below for the video. Beyonce looks great as always. As I was watching I kept thinking, dag I need to work on my legs! (lol) Goodness, she is one bad chick! Go B!!!! Love her.

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