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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Carrasquillo is charged with rape of 11 year old girl in Kensington section of Philadelphia

This is a difficult story to even write about but I feel we all need to be aware of these situations. This violent attack happened in my home city of Philadelphia and has since made national news. An 11 year old girl was dragged down an alley way and brutally raped on her way to school on June 1st. The attack was so severe she required surgery! My heart and prayers go out to this little girl and her family as they try to find the strength to get her and themselves through this. Attacks like this ruin lives! There is no telling the mental anguish this little girl will go through for the rest of her life.

Philadelphia police quickly flooded the neighborhood with pictures of Carrasquillo in an attempt to find and charge him. I don't condone violence but I will say THANK YOU to David Vargas, 18 and Fernando Genuall, 19 who recognized and attacked Carrasquillo and held him until police arrived. Police announced Tuesday that DNA samples link Carrasquillo to the scene of the rape. They found a blood stain and a fingerprint on a discarded toilet in the yard where the girl was raped. Police now have NO DOUBT he committed this crime. He is going to be charged with rape and related offenses in connection with the attack. He is currently being held on unrelated charges. This story makes my stomach turn... for full details click the title above.

Click below for video of Carrasquillo being caught by residents .

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