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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chris Brown new song "Not My Fault"

Ok this was done is such bad taste. If this is how Chris expresses how he is feeling after this entire situation now I can say, Chris Brown has yet to learn a thing. Sad. As you know from my post yesterday I am for him rehabilitating himself. But this songs shows he has a long way to go. How dare he come out with a song about a female(hence Rihanna) basically trippin out because he "put it down" Chris are you for real? Wow. I was waiting to hear what he had to say now that everything is over. But to hear this song to me showcases arrogance... fame really went to Chris' head. Why the neptunes would even produce this and why Chris' camp would let this out is crazy to me too. Dag, Chris has so much maturing to do. SMH... I'm disappointed. I guess time will tell...

Check out the song below.

6-25-09 Ok so I just wanted to add an update on this real quick. Obviously I was disappointed like many because of the song above. Chris Brown's camp and label, JIVE is stating that this song is not "new". It was recorded 3 years ago and is not about Rihanna. I knew this would be the come back. Is it possible, yes because artists record things they don't put out all the time. However, Chris needs to make a statement and speak to his public soon in order to try and eliminate things like this from coming out and people believing it. I think if people heard him speak up they would then take what he says as truth and not be so quick to believe anything else. At least I know I would. I hope this song is old and the next "official" release from Chris Brown shows growth.

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