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Friday, June 5, 2009

Couples moving in together to save money???

Check out the clip below if you missed it.


First let me say I LOVE THE VIEW! You will see clips often on my page! But as I was watching this I was thinking... WHAT!? This is about women possibly using the current economic situation in their favor by trying to encourage their boyfriends to move into toegether because it would be cheaper. Im not saying I don't understand the idea that yes it is cheaper to live together. But this should be a mutually honest decision. Ladies, we're not suppose to be thinking up ways to convince our man of taking that next step. We shouldn't have to trick a man into anything. I mean think about that, really... would you be truly happy knowing you had to sway your man into moving in together by telling him how much money he will save? Wouldn't that take away from the special feeling you get in knowing your man CHOSE to spend his days with you because of how he feels for YOU. Just a thought.

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