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Friday, June 12, 2009

Eagles give McNabb a raise.

First let me say I am so ready for football season because I could care less who wins the NBA finals. Neither team was on my list to go all the way (lol). Make sure you take my pole on the top right hand side of the page.
As we been hearing from last season Donavan McNabb was aiming to extend his contract with the Eagles but instead he is getting a raise. Hmmmm... I think we all know what that means. You will learn as football seasons starts I'm die hard EAGLES fan! I love the game.

McNabb was due to make $9.2 million this season and $10 million next season. ESPN's Michael Smith reported the two-year deal is worth $24.5 million, with another $1 million in incentives. Shout out to Philly because we all know we have a love hate relationship when it comes to McNabb (lol)
To find out what Reid and the rest of the Eagles organization had to say click on the link below.

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