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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jada Pinkett-Smith on the View promoting Hawthorne

I am just getting settled from work today and I had to check out HAWTHORNE on TNT. As you know I watch the View everyday!! (lol) And today Jada Pinkett-Smith was on promoting Hawthorne premiering tonight. She is such a cool and real type of woman. I like that about her! I thought she was funny on the View today. Especially when discussing what makes her marriage to Will work (LOL) Get it yall!!! But seriously, Jada is the executive producer of this show so I had to check it out. Jada plays a chief nurse, Christina Hawthorne who butts heads with her chief of surgery time and time again. As I am watching right now... she is nothing to mess with! (Lol) Make sure you check out Hawthorne Tuesdays at 9pm on TNT. This is her first time doing Television in 18 years since A Different World. Let me just say hearing that made me feel old because I sure did watch that. (lol) So if you missed her on the View the footage is below. She looks very nice.

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