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Saturday, June 6, 2009

JayZ - D.O.A

So the radio, twitter, facebook and everyone else has been going crazy in conversation about Jay Z's new single D.O.A (Death of Autotunes). Yes... I am included! I have been a Jay fan like the rest for years and I'm not saying T-Pain didn't make some great hits with the AutoTune but artists took it and ran with it. The music today is just watered down. We all like to dance and have a good time but there needs to be a balance. So big ups to Jay Z for stepping up and being the one to say it. Because whether you agree or not, JayZ is the one rap artists that other rappers will FOLLOW. So people pay attention... it may not be the best song in your opinion but listen to the words. It's not about being a hit record. I feel Jay knows he can't reach the younger generation which is why he is calling on "mixtape" Lil Wayne and Jeezy. Jay is trying to bring rappers back to what they should be doing. As a fan of Hip Hop, I am proud of that and Jay Z.
Oh and not to mention Jay is pretty comical with it lol

Check the song out below if you haven't heard it.


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