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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kayne West was on The VIEW

You know I very rarely miss an episode of the View. (I secrectly aspire to be apart of a show like that one day lol) So this morning as I was having my cup of coffee and twittering I heard the upcoming guest was KANYE WEST! Now we all know when Kanye speaks you tend to think... what will he say this time??? (Lol) But at the same time we love his music, he is definately talented. As I watched the ladies of the View interview him I was so pleased to hear a more subtle humbleness to him. One of my favorite parts was when he discussed the process behind his latest CD that includes the hit "Heartless". With this album Kanye admits he was at a point in his life, after losing his mother, where he had nothing else to lose. So he decided he wanted to try expressing himself through song and come up with a sound that would be international. He flew to Hawaii for three weeks for some peace of mind and came up with his forth album 808s and Heartbreak. Click on the link below to check out Kayne's interview on the View and what made him choose to use the highly debated sound of Autotunes! I did like his reasoning and "Heartless" is a hit so I guess he accomplished his goal. Nice.

Also while on the View he showcased his sneaker which was produced through NIKE. Fellas they are hot! And the best part is all proceeds go to the Kanye West foundation where the mission is to help combat the severe dropout rate in schools across the United States.

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