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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mary J Blige new single with Chris Brown???

Mary J Blige being female that has gone through abuse I have to say my first reaction to reading about her doing a song with Chris Brown surprised me. I can see some people not liking her decision. However, I think Mary is at such a higher level in her life and has grown so much in her faith that she has her reasoning and I would love to be able to ask her. Mary's song was actually leaked and Chris is singing the background according to bossip.com. I listened to the song and as always Mary knows how to make you feel what she is saying, nice. I can't tell if it's actually Chris in the background but if so this could be lifes way of humbling him in his career because as you know Chris, 9 months ago was FAR from a background singer. Or it could just be him singing as a sample and Mary may have a totally different artist once the song is released. Either way... Click the link below to check out Mary J Blige song, "I Will Survive". I like it!

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  1. It is shocking that she'd do a song with him, but she is giving the young dude another chance, he should be greatful, if it is truly him singing.