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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oprah takes her staff on a cruise!

I can not imagine what Oprah's staff is feeling like this week as they enjoy a company cruise! Now I remember Oprah doing this a few years ago and she took her staff to Hawaii. This time Oprah has decided to take her staff on a Mediterranean Cruise, stopping in Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece, and Malta. OMG!!! First of all, let me be real... where is Malta??? I have to look that up but it must be a place to see! Think about everytime you get mad about working hours your not getting paid to work, dealing with co-workers that don't seem to get it right, and just every other thing that might aggrevate you about your job... THIS MAKES IT ALL WORTH IT!!! LOL Oh wait, did I mention she is taking care of the tranportation, food, drinks, and activites at port stops... what else is there?! Oprah is the BOMB! According to the Chicago based Best Travel this type of cruise is $5,400 per person. SMH - I take it no one would ever quit working for HARPO.

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