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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Singer, Song Writer and now Talk Show Host Brian McKnight

It's funny but not to long ago someone I follow on twitter made a comment about there being no black late night talk shows. They were up late I guess switching channels and got a bit frustrated. (lol) So I thought I would let everyone know that the talented singer/song writer Brian McKnight will now add Talk Show Host to his list of accomplishments. According to Billboard this weekly show will air weekends on 218 which is an affiliate of the CW network. I never would have thought of Brian McKnight as a talk show host but I definately think he is worth checking out! I know people that used to watch Arsenio are going to do the comparison thing and McKnight realizes that too. For Brian McKnights thoughts on how his show will differ click the link below. Also, he is almost done his first album in three years. Keep your ears open for his single "What I've been waiting for" hitting radio soon!

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