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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

T.I. requests to see Tiny in jail

Rapper T.I. has been in the minimum security federal prison in Arkansas since 5/26/09 to begin serving a 366 day sentence on federal gun charges. Now we learned through interviews prior to him going to jail that he didn't want anyone visiting him while he does his time in prison. He didn't want that image in his childrens mind. I can understand that. But I have read that T.I. reportedly told Tiny over the phone that he missed her terribly. It's reported that yesterday Tiny caught a plane to Arkansas to see T.I. for the first time in three weeks. Yay! I have to say I would have jumped on a plane too. (lol) Maybe T.I. just didn't realize how hard it would be to be away from her in that environment. I'm glad they got to see eachother. T.I is definately one of the great ones and I look forward to seeing who he is after this experience. Stay positive T.I.!!!
On another note, Tiny and Lil Wayne's ex wife Antonia Carter are set to have their own reality show airing on BET later this month. The show will focus mainly on family and how Tiny plans to keep herself busy while T.I. is away.
I know you have heard this already but I thought I'd add the link below for Young LA Ain't I featuring T.I. because I LOVE his verse on the track!!! T.I.'s swag is motivating... so click on the link and turn it up if your feeling like to need a boast today!!!
"Ain't I fresh as I can be, made it through my situation ain't I blessed as I can be... "

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