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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Usher filed for divorce friday... wow

I know people hated and felt Usher was a fool for marrying Tamika from the beginning. But he seemed so in love and truly happy that I was really hoping this lasted. I know there are people saying, I told you so Usher but I actually feel bad. It was obvious he really thought this was forever. In all the interviews I read and even through his music I was thinking, so what if everyone thinks your a fool Usher, if your happy, be happy! So needless to say... wow... Usher filed for divorce on friday. And if what sources are saying is true, Usher sure did fool me because people are trying to suggest he simply wasn't ready to settle down and are almost talking like he is in the wrong. Sources are saying they began drifting right after the wedding. Kessler (Tamika's lawyer) told The Associated Press that Tamika was a “faithful wife and loving mother,” and declined to comment about Usher’s conduct during the marriage.
We all know it is Kessler's job to protect the image of Tamika so who knows what really happened in this marraige. All I know is Usher didn't seem like the type of man that would have not one but two children with a woman he knew early in the marraige it wasn't going to last??? Just doesn't make sense to me. So basically, I don't believe this goody goody role her lawyer is trying to present.... Hmmm??? Best of luck to Usher... I bet his next album is going to be a HOT! Divorce is always rough so I know his mother isn't happy to see him go through this but in the back her mind she is glad Tamika won't be her daughter-in-law anymore. (lol)

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