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Friday, June 19, 2009

Woman illegally downloads 24 songs and fined 1.9 million!

To everyone who has become accustom to downloading music off the internet be careful. I knew this would happen at some point. Jamie Thomas-Rasset a 32 year woman from Minnesota was found guilty on Thursday by a federal jury of illegally downloading music from the internet and was fined $80,000 a SONG! Totalling 1.9 milion for 24 songs! This is crazy. Her Attorney Joe Sibley said this is the first copyright infringment case of this kind in the United States. (Which means more to come) He also mentioned they are shocked at the amount being as though the price she paid to download was .99 cents. I'm not a recording artists but her fine does sound outragously high to me. I was thinking she downloaded for free(hence stealing) but she did pay a price, maybe not a fair price but a price. I wonder how the federal court comes up with the penalty amount? This is interesting and scary for those who never even buy a CD anymore.(lol) Attorney Joe Sibley says they do plan to appeal.

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