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Friday, July 3, 2009

BET regrets Lil Wayne performance on Awards show

Yay!!! I am soooooooooooo happy to see BET state their regret about the "Every Girl" performance with Lil Wayne, Drake and Young Money Records. As I was watching Drake sing Best I Ever Had, I was all into the song! But I was so mad when Lil Wayne came out and they started performing "Every Girl"... one because I never liked the song once I heard the unedited version... call me old or whatever but I think its a terrible message. Half the performance was bleeped out... SMH. It's crazy because I think Lil Wayne has such skill as a rapper but he chosing to water it down at times for the sake of having a hit. I miss the Weezy that just spit that real fire. I think that's what frustrates me... I know he has the ability. But he is the biggest rapper out right now so I must be in the minority with this opinion, Lol.
But again, shout out to BET for acknowledging a performance done in bad taste.

“BET Networks deeply regrets the performance by Young Money at the BET AWARDS ’09 (featuring Lil Wayne, Drake, Gudda Gudda and Mack Maine),” a BET representative told AllHipHop.com exclusively. “Elements of the performance were unplanned and should not have happened.”

Also, shout out to Drake for taking responsibilty.

"That...was a terrible idea that I'll never do to myself again. But I was being pressed from different areas to perform, and I think what really happened at the BET Awards is with the passing of Mike, the climate really changed, as far as the award show goes,” he told Complex. “I don't think it called for us to perform "Every Girl" and "Always Strapped," and I think it was an award show filled with tributes and music and these genuine heartfelt speeches. And to sort of climax out of a very tongue-n-cheek point, and then people misconstruing Wayne's daughters and her friends coming out on stage -- it was just timed very poorly and it definitely wasn't planned like that, but with that being said, it is what is. I believe in Wayne and myself and it's nothing we can't bounce back from. To anyone who was offended, my personal apologies, it wasn't intended to offend anybody."


  1. Hey babe! You've made very good points here. It's too bad Weezy seems to think the more curse words and denigrating comments disguised as catchy lyrics are the way to go. Maybe it's the money....yeah, it's the money.

    I think it's commendable that they realize what a poor choice of 'entertainment' that whole act was. For some reason, I don't think this will be the last time we see this type of incident.


  2. i too hate the every girl song and kudos to BET and drake for acknowleding they had no business on that stage

  3. BET should only have PERFORMERS perform: Maxwell, usher, chris brown, ne-yo, ciara, etc.

    Maxwell and [Tyrese,songz, gill] were the highlights