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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Brooke Shields told me something about Michael Jackson that made me SMILE.

Anyone who knows me, has spoken to me, read a bio, an email, a facebook status, a myspace message, a twitter, or ever heard me on the air knows how important a SMILE is to me. Thank you, Brooke Shields for sharing Michael's favorite song with us. Charlie Chaplan "smile". It lights up my heart to know this about Michael. It's nice to know I had something in common with him. That makes me smile!

Take a listen to the words... I don't recall ever hearing this song before today. Jermaine Jackson singing "SMILE"

Trust me when I tell you... the more you smile the more life is worth living. It changes the way you see your various situations and the way people view you. As I have said many times before... Smiling not only lifts your spirit but the spirit of those around.

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