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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Busta Rhymes now has Independent publishing deal

Busta is at the point in his career where he has chosen to move towards independence. He has signed a new worldwide deal with independent publisher Kobalt Music Group. The terms of the deal indicate Kobalt will release 27 of Busta Rhymes tracks. In July of 2010 Kobalt will release 150 of Busta's music, which is currently being dealt by Warner Chappell.

"We are thrilled to conclude this deal with Busta Rhymes which also includes synch licensing and creative services for film, TV, games, ringtones and other media,” said Willard Ahdritz, CEO and Founder of Kobalt. “He is truly one of the most influential artists in Hip-Hop history and we look forward to working closely with him.”
Oh! Typing this so made me think of my Busta look a like in Philly. Lol. Check out the video at the top righthand corner of the page... the one where my hair is in a bun. He really looks like Busta!
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