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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Forbes Top 10 Richest Rappers

1. Jay-Z - $34 million
2. 50 Cent - $32 million
3. Diddy - $28 million
4. Timbaland - $21 million
5. Dr. Dre - $20 million
6. Eminem - $18 million
7. Snoop Dogg - $17 million
8. Kanye West - $17 million
9. Pharrell Williams - $17 million
10. Scott Storch - $17 million
It was rumored last week the 2nd richest rapper 50 Cent, was planning to go up against the richest rapper Jay Z, and release his album the same day as Jay, Sept. 11th. But 50 has confirmed that those rumors are false and 50 will release "Before I Self Distruct" on Sept. 29th.
Also, Parrell Williams who comes in at number 9 on the Forbes list is currently being sued by a band that claims he stole one of their beats and used it for the Clipse. According to TMZ.com the band Geggy Tah filed a federal lawsuit against Pharrell, accusing him of using their 1996 song “Whoever You Are” for The Clipse’s single “All I Wanna Do (Feel Like Me)." However, according to the lawsuit the track was produced by Pharrell in 1997 but wasn’t released until 2007. It's crazy how often this happens in the industry. You have to be so careful with your work. You just never know if someone will take your music or having to deal with someone claiming you did.

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