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Friday, July 3, 2009

The Game apologizes to 50 Cent

I just watched this video of the Game discussing his feelings and thoughts about all the beef that occurred with 50 when they went their separate ways. I really like how Game spoke and what he said. People are gonna talk trash and we'll see what 50 does. But I honestly agree... their music when together was great and better than the more recent stuff. And people may call Game out for this...like he a punk or whatever for apologizing but as I listened... Game sounds to me like his is growing and maturing and if you talk trash... he don't care! Lol. I like that. At the end of the day... we all want good quality music. I think 50 should consider collaborating with the Game again. I had the pleasure of interviewing 50 about two years ago. Love him as a person and a business man, very smart. Oh... and he said he liked my walk! LOL. Holla!

Check out the Game below.

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  1. Da "Imfamous Walk" huh? MMMMMM.. (Laydown28 btw)