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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kelis delivered her baby today.

Reports say Kelis went into labor about 10:30am this morning and was taken to the hospital. Her and Nas were scheduled to meet in court today to discuss the financial support Nas would be giving for his baby and spousal support. Kelis and Nas got married in 2005 and Kelis filed for divorce in April of 2009. That's gotta suck to actually decide you want a divorce while carrying your husband's baby. Dag. Kelis stated she wanted the divorce due to irreconcilable differences.

Allhiphop.com reports that Nas' lawyer said he rushed to the hospital once he found out Kelis went into labor. However, Nas did not actually witness the birth of his first son today. A source stated that he was not allowed. And even though this is hearbreaken to Nas he still offers support and love to his baby boy and his mother. Hmm.... sounds like one of those situations where the female doesn't let the man witness the baby's birth out of anger. That's a shame. Either way, congrats to Kelis and Nas on their little one!

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