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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Keysha Nichols interview with Diane Sawyer

You remember I blogged last week about Richard Jefferson calling off his wedding to Kesha in an email... Diane Sawyer (lover her) had an interview with Kesha and she talks about how this happen and her feelings.

Diane Sawyer: It wasn’t an entire surprise to you?
Kesha Nichols: No… It wasn’t; just a troubled weekend. It was a month of four funerals that we had to attend between our two families and wedding
showers and traveling back and forth, but it just all came to ahead that weekend. We had the discussion on Sunday night and I had flown back to New York. He had just confirmed in an e-mail, what we had both spoken about the night before.
Sawyer also asked her about the ring?
Kesha Nichols: The ring is mine, the ring was a
gift and my grandparents have it in North Carolina right now.

Ok so why did Richard make it seem like they hadn't spoken in a week and he just sent her an email like, I don't want to get married?? He said nothing about them discussing this the night before. Hmmm... well anyway, like what we said before Kesha seems fine with this. Good luck to her! and enjoy that settlement lol.

For the full interview watch video below.

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