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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Michael Jackson body to be displayed at Neverland

The Jackson family has decided to display Michael's body on July 3rd for the public to view. This will take place in Neverland and tens of thousands are expected to attend! Wow that's going to be a crazy day. I'm sure MJ is going to bring out the most amount of people for a viewing ever. But no drama, we all love Michael too much for that.
The private funeral will be held on Sunday July 5th, family and numerous celebrity friends are said to attend. However, the family is still unsure where they want to bury Michael. The mayor of Gary, Indiana where MJ grew up, Mayor Clay stated he hoped Michael would be buried there. Mayor Clay is also having a citywide memorial titled "fit for the greatest entertainer that ever lived" to honor MJ on July 10th. AWESOME title.

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