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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nas and Kelis

Ok so I blogged before about Kelis having the baby and Nas' lawyer leading us to believe Nas was "not allowed" at the baby's birth. Since then TMZ.com has reported that he was there. It has since been reported that Nas showed up drunk because he just came from performing a show. Dag... he was told to leave. However, at the time of the babies birth Nas was present... I guess he was sober by then because Kelis was in labor 24 hours!!! Ouch. And let's just say Kelis hit the jackpot with this judge that appointed Nas to pay $55,000 in child and spousal support month! CRAZY! Keep in mind this is in LA. I just don't understand why judges give celebrity mother's so much money for a child... SMH. I really think there should be some law in place that states any funds over a certain amount for example, $10,000 should go into a trust fund for the child and untouchable until the age of 18 or something like that. I don't understand giving all that money a month to the mother. Especially in this day and age where so many women are just dropping babies for the sake of the child support... Unbelievable. There has to be some sort of stipulation? And this is not meant to come at Kelis specifically... this happens all the time. I just don't get it. Maybe I don't get it because I don't have children myself??? I don't know. Am I wrong???
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7/24/09 --- Update : allhiphop.com reports this morning Nas is ordered to pay $40,000 in child support... so I'm thinking the the rest of the $15,000 is going towards the spousal support.

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