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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Paula Abdul may not return to American Idol

Every year there seems to be the rumor that goes around on whether or not Paula will return to American Idol for numerous reasons. Even when they brought the newest judge Kara people kept saying she is going to replace Paula... but I think most peole like love Paula on the show. Sure she says some off the wall stuff at times that make you wonder what's in that cup??? Lol. But still... It's looking like Idol does not plan to bring her back this season. The Los Angeles Times quoted Abdul's new manager as saying, "Very sadly, it does not appear that she's going to be back on 'Idol.' " David Sonenberg on told the newspaper it was "unnecessarily hurtful" to Abdul that she has not received "any proposal whatsoever" from producers, even though the judges will start auditioning contestants for the next season on August 6. "I find it kind of unconscionable and certainly rude and disrespectful that they haven't stepped up and said what they want to do," Sonenberg said. You know what that has to be the WORST feeling... to have to sit and wait every season like that and not know what is going on. They could at least call her and tell her they don't want to resign her rather than just say nothing and watch the show premiere! The industry can be so heartless! Ugh! Paula's lawyer also said Paula is "not a happy camper" and looking for alternative shows. Good luck Paula!

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