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Monday, July 6, 2009

Police rule McNair death a homicide

Steve McNair, 36 year old retired quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens was found dead with his girlfriend, Sahel Kazemi 20, on Saturday July 4th. He was shot four times, twice in the head and twice in the chest. Kazemi was found dead next to him from a single bullet. It has been discovered that McNair had been dating Kazemi for the past several months. McNair is married with four sons. This is crazy, 4th of July will never be a happy day for their family again. SMH. Police say it is too soon to name this anything other than a homicide. They have more investigating to do. But it sure does sound like Kazemi killed him and then herself. I hope not, but you and I both know matters of the heart are nothing to mess with. The gun was actually found under her body. McNair and Kazemi were found in his Nashville condominium.
McNair's wife must be so devistated. It has been said that today she is finishing up funeral arrangements. Anyone who has kept up with McNair's career is aware of his accomplishments and all the charity work he has done. In that respect a very stand up guy. Crazy how "people" often don't consider how dangerous it is to cheat. You never know who you are putting at risk for tragedy.

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