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Friday, July 17, 2009

Usher carrying on the spirit of Michael Jackson

As we know Usher is someone who was greatly influenced by the late Michael Jackson. You see it in all his videos and in his rendition of MJ's "Gone to Soon" at the memorial. Usher plans on keeping the giving back spirit of Michael alive. With the official opening of Camp New Look on July 13th, Usher wants to pursue Michael's quest to Heal The World. This summer camp is a two week experience in Atlanta that will focus on showing 130 kids the business side of sports and entertainment. “I paid close attention to what celebrities like Michael Jackson had done with his brand,” Raymond told USA Today less than three weeks before the King of Pop’s unexpected death. “He made philanthropy something that was kind of like a sense of heart work, and not hard work. All of the hard work went into who he was as a celebrity; the heart work made a difference.” Very nicely put. Usher at this point explains his focus is to give children inspiration to do something with their lives. I think that is awesome. Usher goes on, "They say in life you can be a product of your experience or a product of your environment,” the 30-year-old entertainer said. “I choose to be a product of my experience.” Go Usher!

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