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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Victoria Beckham gets man arrested???

Ok this woman is just so FLY! But did you know Victoria Beckham could get you arrested??? The pic you see is of her on a Marc Jacobs t-shirt and this was actually done to promote skin cancer awareness, hence you being posed nude. Victoria posed for this last year. A Lebanese man Raffi Nernekian got in an argument with a man at a bakery in Dubia for wearing the t-shirt. He had supposedly purchased while in NYC. Now get this, after the argument he went and changed the t-shirt, came back and was arrested! WHAT!? He even went home and changed! Nernekian was arrested and jailed for "offending public decency". This is so out of control... SMH (Shaking My Head) And the worse part is Nernekian has been living in Dubia for the past 5 years and nw after serving his time is being deported. Since the Dubia code of conduct is "clothing shall not indecently expose parts of the body, be transparent, or display obscene or offensive pictures and slogans". Sooooooo corny!

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