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Saturday, August 29, 2009

DJ AM Found Dead

DJ AM born Adam Goldstein was found dead in his Soho apartment on friday Aug 28th. Many know he survived a plane crash last year. According to the New York Post, Cops found prescription drug bottles inside DJ AM's residence at 210 Lafayette St. after the 36-year-old's lifeless body spotted face-down in his bed at around 5:23 p.m. by a friend, who was concerned he hadn't heard from the performer in several days. DJ AM was filming a reality show for MTV surrounding drug addiction. Like I said on twitter I didn't know DJ AM personally but by all the tweets I saw from so many people he was really loved. My condolences go out to those having to mourn a good friend and family member. For those that don't know DJ AM is a "Philly Native"! Check out part of an interview he recently did and talked about Philly.

Bo Bliz: What has your connection to Philadelphia been since you moved from here?
AM: I have always stayed in touch with my Sister who still lives there and I get back there at lease every 2 months just to take a walk and remember my childhood. I love that city. Damn, bout to start crying! I am a mush ball when it comes to Philly!

CA: Being a born Philadelphia kid, what you do miss most about Philly and its style?
AM: The food, the people, and the over all energy that you can actually smell and see on the streets. Philly has more flavor and character then anywhere in the world I have ever been, other then Prague

BB: What was your reaction to the support you received at DJ Day here in Philadelphia?
AM: I was totally speechless. When Jazzy Jeff showed me the pics I was floored. I had NO idea half of these legends knew who I was, let alone how I DJed and supported me. It was like winning an Oscar.

For the full interview click the link below.

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