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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Drake Falls On Stage During Performance

Ok so the America's Most Wanted Tour performed in Philly last night. Shout out to everyone that went to the Jezzy after party at the 4040 in AC! Good time! But I was getting twitter about Drake falling and being taken off stage so I looked up the video above... I don't know it looked like he just slipped... it doesn't look like it was the type of fall that would seriously injure Drake's leg but at the same time I'm hearing this is his second time falling... is this true? Hearing Wayne talk on the video it sounds like it was... can't front... Wayne is funny on this joint. Lol

08-02-09 UPDATE: Ok so I just wanted to tell you that the reason Drake fell was because he had an already injured knee and must have turned wrong on it and is currently nursing an injured ACL (the muscle that is like behind your ankle). He performed anyway with the injured knee because he didn't want to dissappoint his fans which is commendable. But Drake... you were jumping around as if nothing was hurt??? SMH... you could have just taken it easy while performing. But get better quick!

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