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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Michael Vick Comes To The EAGLES

Ok can I just say I am HAPPY!!! And let's get this football season started! Michael Vick has done his time... now let's get this football season started! It has been confirmed that Michael Vick has signed a two year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. Fox29.com reports that the first year of the deal is for $1.6 million with an option for the second year at $5.2 million. Nice... I am very happy to hear this... and shout out to the homie DeSean Jackson.
For full story click link below.
I had to add I'm hearing alot of people are upset that the Eagles signed Vick and mad he is back in football. Ok this is how I see it... go sit down! Everyone is allowed a second chance... their are people out here harming HUMAN BEINGS and getting 6 months probabtion and the story gets swept under the rug. Vick did his time. Football is his career and what he does. For anyone that goes to jail for a crime.. they are expected to come out a new person and continue in their life...

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  1. i'm happy he's back. Donte Stallworth killed someone drunk driving and got 3 months and a one year suspension from football. People don't care about that. Come on. Too bad Vick is on a garbage team. GGgggMeen