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Monday, August 17, 2009

Mo'nique Appears at Hoodie Awards

Mo'nique appeared at the Hoodie Awards this past weekend in Las Vegas, NV. She looks very nice! This was the 7th annual Hoodie Awards. Look out for her movie Precious and her new talk show that will air on BET. Mo'nique also was interviewed by Life & Style Magazine and spoke about her weight loss. “I want to lose more, so I’ll just keep eating better and exercising, and the weight will come off,” she says. “It took time to put in on, and it will take time to take if off.” But don’t expect Mo, 41, to get scary-skinny any time soon. “It’s still okay to be big, but let’s be big and healthy,” she says. “I had to lose some weight to get healthier because I want to be around for a while. I have twin sons who are 3 and a son who is 19, and I want the opportunity to meet their children.”

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