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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

NYPD Fear Violence At 50 Cent Community Event

50 Cent is getting some resistance from the Queens officials surrounding his event to be held August 30th. Officials say they fear violence being brought and don't want inoccent people harmed. Since 50 will be performing on the 29th at Six Flags in New Jersey he decided to have a charity event the next day at PS-30 school yard in the South Jamaica neighborhood. 50 discusses his intent... “Everybody’s gonna be there, you need to stop by there and come hang out with us. it’s gonna be a whole lot of festivities and games going on, a lot of educational stuff at the same time,” He goes on, "We will have people from the DMV, there if you don’t have your drivers or permits and stuff like that you can come do that. The clinics all kind of stuff, if you are there you can come fix it.” Great gesture on 50's part however, official voice their concerns... “Someone's gonna try to make a name for themselves," an anonymous official told the NY Post. "They're gonna take a shot at him, and they're either gonna hit him or they're gonna miss him and hit some poor, innocent kid or grandmother.” It is being said that the concern stems from 50's past beefs in the streets and the still unsolved shooting of 50 Cent back in 2000. Hmmm... sounds to me like the event will still take place but the officials had to voice their side to this... they did and now plan to take the neccesary precautions. Hope it's a successful day!

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