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Monday, August 10, 2009

Oprah Hanging Out With Jay Z

People probably thought you would never see the day Oprah would be seen out with a rapper... but of all of them... why wouldn't it be Jay Z. Lol... From what I've seen she loves Beyonce so I would think she has had opportunities to meet Jay Z and get a feel for who he is behind the rap. Oprah was interviewing JayZ for an upcoming feature in O Magazine. Jay was showing Oprah around his old stomping grounds so she could have a better sense of where he comes from. These photos were taken outside Jay Z's grandmothers house. I would love to see Oprah do a show with Jay Z as a guest. It's good to see her taking an interest. She did an interview with best friend Gayle King and is quoted, “I have some disagreements with the music. But I love him,” Oprah explained. “He was so charming and delightful and he smelled so good. It’s that kinda thing where you hug a guy and his scent is buried in him.” (Ok Oprah! Lol) She goes on to tell Gayle “Everyone says how smart he is. He’s really gifted and talented,” she stated. “At the end of the day, I felt that I made a friend.” Awww so nice! I will definately read this issue of O Magazine.

Oh I found the audio on youtube... it is soo funny to hear Oprah giddy over Hov Lol.

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  1. this is awesome, thanks for covering this exchange mia. those two in a room just discussing sounds fantastic. i can't wait to read the interview