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Monday, August 17, 2009

President Obama Snubbed By Russian Politicians

Shout out to @Deap215 he sent me this video and then I looked it up on youtube and it was actually posted a month ago and maybe we are late but I had not seen this on the news or anything. But our PRESIDENT recently visited Russia and this was the "greeting" line he was exposed to. I can not imagine what Obama was even thinking as this was happening... but as always... he showcases class as he continued to extend his hand to every last one of the Russian Politicians and not one of them showed him any respect. Crazy how this world needs serious prayer. I can't wait to hear all the excuses about this act.

How about I read a comment from someone saying No, Obama was just pointing people out to the other gentleman like introducing... are you kidding me!! I knew the excuses would be rediculous. Obama was clearly extending his hand... it is all over his face that he didn't know what to do but keep trying.

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