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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

50 Cent Shows Up in Queens Despite Being Told No

As I blogged the other day 50's Community Event was canceled due to fear of violence. But that didn't stop him... he showed up in Queens on Aug. 30th anyway. 50 dressed in a white tee and a New York Yankees fitted cap, stood on the street surrounded by hundreds of excited fans, who took pictures and videos with him. He ended up just walking a few blocks while hundreds of fans followed and he did this while being shadowed by the New York Police Department. I guess he decided to do it this way because he told MTV News the chance of him being approved for the community event was slim. "I attempted to create Family Day in my actual neghborhood for the kids that couldn't get chaperones to bring them on the actual buses to enjoy this," 50 Cent said. "'Cause I'm one of those kids that wouldn't have had a chaperone...I had Staples, Home Depot, a lot of independent businesses in the community that were supportive and a part of it. But then what I ran into was a lot of standards placed on me doing the event because of my association to it." That's a shame. I would like to know if any "violence" occurred as he walked the streets. I bet this made their day in Queens. Check out some footage of the day... stuff like this makes me smile.

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