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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Battle For Tupac Movie Heads To Trial

Afeni Shakur’s Amaru Entertainment and film company Morgan Creek Productions are headed to trial over the rights to produce a bio-pic about Tupac. Morgan Creek filed a lawsuit last february against Amaru Entertainment for breaching a contract to produce a movie about Tupac Shakur. In turn, Amaru filed a cross-complaint against Morgan Creek, claiming the production company interfered with other potential deals for the movie. Now I don't know why they don't know by now but Tupac's mother is no one to mess with! She will fight until the end and I love that about her. Lol
"We are pleased with the court's ruling yesterday morning. It supports our claim that Morgan Creek tortiously interfered with the making of the Tupac Shakur movie,” said Skip Miller of Miller Barondess, LLP in Los Angeles, attorney for Amaru Entertainment. “I look forward to trying this case and have the jury decide the matter. Morgan Creek has a history of bullying people into giving them rights they did not acquire. This time, they picked on the wrong people."
Trail date is set for April 13, http://www.allhiphop.com/stories/news/archive/2009/09/02/21922445.aspx2010.

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