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Monday, October 26, 2009

Morehouse College "Appropriate Attire Policy"

Morehouse College has installed a new rule in the dresscode policy... no Sagging! This is their attempt in getting rid of inappropriate attire. They are banning the "sagging" look and other styles associated with the Hip Hop Culture. The “Appropriate Attire Policy” initiative comes at the hands of Morehouse President Robert Franklin, who is seeking to reestablish what he’s coined as the modern “Renaissance Man.” That individual, Franklin states, possesses the “5 Wells” of being well-spoken, well-read, well-traveled, well-dressed, and well-balanced. Hmm... I know it will cause a problem on campus because there are those who won't want to be told how to dress. I personally like a "slight" sag in a man's jeans... emphasis on the "slight". But that look where the jeans come pass a man's butt and is basically hugging his thighs... is sooooooooooo whack to me! Just overboard. So I'm interested in seeing how this pans out. Sagging is said to have originated in the prisons, where prisoners were unable to keep their pants up because their belts were taken from them to prevent suicides and murder. Wow. Along with the new sagging ban, students will not be allowed to sport any form of grillz, do-rags, hats, “stunna shades,” hoods, or pajamas to class. Pretty long list... but about the PJ's... if they don't put some clothes on! Eww. Lol
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