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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sway Hosting Multi-Media Symposium

MTV personality and executive producer Sway Calloway is about to reach out to aspiring entertainers. This is courtesy of the symposium “All the Right Elements.” Sway has decided to hold this seminar in Little Rock, Arkansas and his focus will be on providing information about the radio, tv, entertainment and multi media industries he feels is essential for success.
“I recently had the opportunity to visit Little Rock to host their first Fashion Week and was pleasantly greeted with an abundance of passionate individuals who were eager to know more about how to successfully enter the entertainment business,” Sway continues. “My visit prompted me to include the city of Little Rock on the seminar’s schedule and afford me the opportunity to go back and take time to converse with serious individuals and give back to the people of Little Rock who are interested in effectively creating a brand and elevating their business.”
Little Rock will just be the beginning, as Sway plans to bring the symposium to cities across the nation in 2010. Come to Philly! Lol

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