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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Twista Set To Tour For Our Youth

Twista and other rappers are planning to get on the road to various city to perform and speak to our youth. The concerts are set at affordable prices for our youth to come out and enjoy themselves as well as give Twista and the rest of his line up the chance to speak to the kids in a positive way. Twista is quoted, "The economy isn't the only thing hurting right now," "The kids are going through some things right now, too, and so we need to get out there and talk to them so we can help them out. That's what the point of the Stimulus tour is right now." Very nice, thank you Twista.
Tentaive Dates Listed:
Nov 26th : Minneapolis
27th : Cincinnati, Ohio
28th : Charlotte, North Carolina
Dec 3rd :Detroit, Michigan
4th : Indianapolis, Indiana
5th : Saginaw, Michigan
11th : Sioux City, Iowa
12th : Columbus, Missouri
13th: Kansas City, Missouri
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