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Monday, November 30, 2009

Random Couple Crash a White House Dinner

Ok when I heard this I was like... are you serious?! So the Secret Service is investigating how two univited guests made their way into the President's White House State Dinner on Tuesday evening. Now this isn't a club, a restaurant or anything of the sort. We are talking about the White House! Layers of security... how does someone crash a dinner at the White House??? This is absurd. The agency charged with protecting the president and other high-level officials is now conducting a comprehensive review of the security breach that took place on Tuesday at the dinner in honor of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, U.S. Secret Service Spokesman, Edwin Donovan said. The Washington Post was the first the announce this incident and reported that Tareq and Micheale Salahi from Northern Virginia who were not on a guest lists crashed the White House Dinner. According to the Post, the uninvited guests were in the same room as the Obamas and Prime Minister Singh, but it is not known if they met. Ok and get this... a dozen pictures posted on Facebook appear to show the couple posing with dinner guests including Vice President Joe Biden, Washington Mayor Adrian Fenty, CBS News anchor Katie Couric, and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. I am too through... you mean to tell me... you crashed a party at the White House then actually posted the pictures online! Smh. I don't know who... but somebody in that security camp needs to be fired. Random people regardless of their intent should not be able to just walk into a dinner at the White House. And the couple needs to be charged with something.
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  1. now they claim to have documents that will prove they was supposed to be there and it will surprise everybody....well!!...we are still waiting!..they should be charged with tresspassing if they don't and this is a national security breech too. somebody will lose their job behind this.if not then anybody showing up in a limo will be trying to get in the white house!!