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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bizzle The Christian Rapper

Rapping over the Fugees Ready Or Not beat... Very nice... He is very brave. God bless.

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  1. Hi mia mendez, I belive bizzle is right. I experienced something similar to a cult/organization or what have u, At the time when I joined I didnt know any thing about it really besides what they were teaching me, I went through a membership intake process. That was about 7 years ago, I say after the first year of being active I stopped participating and fraternizing with them because I just felt that something was not right in a spiritual way. But to make a long story short; After I listened to bizzle track to the fugees and then he made me do a lil history check, and that dude is 100% correct i feel. So I have told myself that if i put out any more music, that im going to do it for the lord..I am going to join bizzle with the movement for christ...I love hip-hop and everything but I am going to rap for christ,,I feel like its me and bizzle against the jay z's and lil waynes cuz i dont think jay z is the only one to sell his soul..feel me?...Im not the one to judge but alot of poeple is blind to the facts of life...and im not perfect but im gon use the sense GOD gave me...me and bizzle need to talk cuz i wanna rap for the lord against the ones thats doin for satan just to ruin as many poeples souls as possible through music..i wanna be on the front line on the other side which is the lords side...And I dont care if its just me and bizzle against jay z , lil wayne and the other ones that choses that path...i want to do it for the lord..and dat boy bizzle is very talented but he aint just rappin, he's speaking a message that a lot of poeple should take heive to if their thing is music or trying to get in the game..man i talk about this for ever...ms mia mendez, do u know bizzle???...if u do my email is -lomackjohnny@yahoo.com-