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Monday, February 8, 2010

Thank You SAINTS!

First, congratualtions to the New Orlean Saints for winning the Superbowl this weekend! I actually didn't know how I wanted to win because as yall know I'm a Philly girl and my team is the Eagles! But since they weren't in it I was trying to figure out who I should go with, Saits? or Colts? so I called my brother right when the game started and asked him who is was going for.... he said, well most people here (in his house) are going with the Colts but I'm goin with the Saints. And we both has the same thought... it was be great for the City to win this. So right there I decided to rock with the Saints. A friend wanted to make a little bet (not money) and I won!!!! So Congrats to the city of New Orleans and the Saints and thank you for winning me a Day At The Spa! I'm so looking foward to this! Yay!

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