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Friday, February 26, 2010

Vivian Green Reveals New Album Cover

Shout out to Vivian Green because this song is REAL. Fellas... when your girl is complaining about time and affection... pay attention. Your taking advantage. A real woman will give you her all until she begins to feel unappreciated. If when you met her she was everything you ever wanted and then out of nowhere you wonder what happened to her??? It wasn't out of nowhere... she probably warned you... you just took her kindness for weakness.
Vivian Greens album "Beautiful" hits stores April 6th. Nice cover :)


  1. Vivian Green is amazing. Also she is fine as hell. I heard WDAS in Philly is bringing her live to a secret location on Thursday March 18th! Some sort of meet & greet i guess. Check it out. www.wdasfm.com

  2. This sister is too hot to hold; her voice is priceless and she's worth more than gold. I'll marry her tonight!