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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

D'Angelo Pleads Not Guilty To Prostitute Solicit

D'Angelo was arrested on Sat March 6th in NYC for trying to pay an undercover police officer $40 for sex, supposedly oral sex over the weekend. It has been confirmed that D'Angelo has plead not guilty to the charges. D'Angelo's representative Lindsay Guion made the following statement, "We know there is a lot of speculation in regard to the arrest of D'Angelo in New York City this past weekend,” she continues, “We would like his fans and the public at large to know that D'Angelo has pled not guilty and is contesting the allegations made against him. Also know that, he is in good health and extremely excited about his forthcoming new album.” Hhhmmm. My thoughts are wow... was one of the sexiest men to ever hit a stage actually reduced to paying for some???
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