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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Woman Caught Stalking P. Diddy

Ok so a woman Cemelia Green, from Florida was arrested for stalking Diddy! This is just crazy... she was caught trespassing on his East Hampton, NY property twice in one week. The first time a maintenance man called the police and she said she owned the property and was get this... married to Diddy. SMH. This time she left and was not arrested. Now last week on Feb. 22nd the police spotted her roaming around behind the house. As they investigated they found that a sliding door was broken. Wow. Police supposedly had a little difficulty getting Cemelia out of her car but once they did she was charged with 2nd degree criminal mischief, and 2nd degree criminal trespassing. According to the East Hampton Press, Cemelia's car was impounded and her bail is set at $5,000. SMH... Be careful Diddy!
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