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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Queen Latifah Speaks On Working With Common

Latifah talks to Parade magazine about making the movie with Common.
On helping Common live up to his hunky image: “There were certain scenes where I was like, ‘Man, you’re that dude. Girls throw their selves all over you. Be that dude!’ Sometimes I would just pump him up, like gas, because he’s so humble. I’m like, man, ‘F that! You can turn back to that other guy after we finish filming.’”
On their moment of on-screen passion: “That’s what the movie is all about. It’s all about me having the opportunity to be in bed with Common. I mean, what’s this all for if I can’t hook that up? No, I’m just kidding. But it’s not a bad day of work. I just want everybody to know that we didn’t go for an R-rating.”
She is too funny... Just Wright starring Queen Latifah and Common opens Friday, May 14th.
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